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Why Romanian Airport Services


With more than 35 years experience in the airline industry, Dorin has spent the past 25 years working for private  leading  companies he founded mainly within RAS Group.

After graduated International Economic Relations (Foreign Trade) Faculty with Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest he started his carrier in aviation industry in 1978 as an Economist with Tarom.

After 3 years he was promoted as Director for Tarom office in Libya where he managed to lease one Boeing 707 and two BAC 1-11 aircrafts to Libyan Arab Airlines. That helped tremendously Tarom to become efficient at that time.

In 1983 he became Director for Tarom office in Singapore where he promoted the idea of marketing in the whole area and in short time became in charge of South-East Asia.





In 1985 he was appointed Director for Tarom in UK where he succeeded to get the cargo BAC 1-11 of Tarom leased to an UK airline: Anglo-Cargo, leased three BAC 1-11 for a long season to British Island Airways in conjunction with Pegasus Holiday and was also seriously involved in the startup of Ryanair with three BAC 1-11 that were leased by Tarom.

Between 1987 and March 1990 Dorin was working as Chief of International Relations Division in Romanian Civil Aviation Department with an interruption of 8 months in 1988 when he was Tarom Manager North America and managed to introduce an additional flight on route Bucharest New York and also make it efficient . In August 1988 he was not allowed to travel abroad anymore at all following an anonymous letter that said he will defect and remain in USA .


After the Romanian Revolution he started in 1990 the first independent airline in Romania, LAR – Romanian Air Lines and 5 years later he founded the first company in RAS Group- Romanian Airport Services, a ground handling company proving services firstly for Business Aviation in Baneasa Airport and then in most of the Romanian Airports.This company started business in Baneasa for 30 000 passengers in 1995 and left Baneasa in 2011 after serving a record traffic of 2.4 mill pax as whole operation from Baneasa was moved to Otopeni Airport.

In 1996 he founded second company in RAS Group – Regional Air Suport an aviation support company that is GSA for several airlines in Romania, member of Air Promotion Group APG, where Dorin Ivascu is also Board Member, authorized training center for IATA, authorized dealer for Jeppesen and Pilotshop. Two years after he became an investor with  Regional Air Services -, the owner of Tuzla Airfield that is first private airfield published in AIP Romania , today an airport with 20,000 pax  in and 23 000 aircraft movements last year . First private flying school started there .


Dorin is a Doctor in Economics for the last 15 years and is a part time professor with Politechnics University of Bucharest and from time to time with Academy of Economic Studies ( ASE )

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