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Why Romanian Airport Services


George started his career in the aviation industry with Romanian Airport Services in 2005 as a ramp agent. He rose through the ranks to become health and safety manager in 2012. He is actively involved in the training of RAS employees in different areas with a main focus on Safety. In addition to this he is also a Romanian CAA approved trainer for De/Anti Icing and Safety since 2009. Previously he worked in various other industries and positions but he found aviation as the most dynamic and exciting.

Meet Our Team


Our employees are a vital factor for success in the competitive ground handling environment in which we operate.

RAS passenger handling staff is highly trained in offering each passenger our utmost attention from check-in to boarding, from arrival to baggage claim. Our personnel is specialized in both manual or electronic aircraft handling and check-in as well as individual customer care or special passenger services.

Our specialized ramp handling teams are assuring safe operations all around the aircraft which will enable operators to depart on time.

We are especially committed to constantly train our employees and participating in the development of new training programs.

Load control is where safety issues become vital. We are ensuring through our employees that coordination is done is a smooth and safe manner.


RAS Management Team is responsible for the strategic direction and the day-to-day operations of the company. Covering all aspects of operations, the team works together to ensure the continuous satisfaction of our airline customers.

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