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Interview Mr. Constantin Dumitru

Ramp agents at RAS are responsible for all ground servicing of a commercial airliner, including loading and unloading of baggage and cargo. They also operate a variety of machinery and equipment, including baggage loader belts and small baggage cart tugs. In cold weather, they operate aircraft deicing trucks, working to spray deicer fluids on assigned airliners.

Mr. Constantin Dumitru has been working for RAS as a Ramp Manager for 21 years. We had the opportunity to talk with him regarding his experience. (‪#‎throwback)

1. What was the biggest challenge you had working as a ramp agent?

The biggest challenge I have faced as a ramp agent was when we were assigned to handle all of the flights at Baneasa Airport. Basically overnight, we had to get organized and evaluate 120 employees, in order to cope with the high volume that come in line with the companies standards.

2. You were working with both Commercial airlines and General aviation. Which was your favorite?

The entire activity of Ramp Handling is pleasant and always informative, and of course, with each Commercial and Private, the handling process has it’s particularities and beauty.

3. Tell us a funny story that has happened at work during your time at RAS?

Romanian Airport Services in itself is a colorful story of people in love with aviation, amongst which I have the honor of carrying out my professional duties while also promoting it. We have had countless funny stories along the years, but I have to tell you about one that happened in our early days. I think it was in 1996 when we were trying to attract more Business Flights in.

We were very attentive with the small details and demands of the flights crew, as they were the ones rating our performances. What happened was that we forgot to buy newspapers for the flight, and in the rush of it all, one of our colleagues left with a car that still had two baggage carts attached to it. But in the end, all went well and we even got a written appreciation letter for our services.

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