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From Flying To Ground Handling

Working as a Senior Flight Attendant and Purser, I was trained to provide quality customer service and promote safety skills necessary in a variety of different fields. It was through my flying years that I have developed a passion for the Aviation Industry and was motivated to share theknowledge and contribute to the Industry.

The transition from flying for Private Airlines to being an Operations Agent in RAS was a smooth one, as the general scope of the job is similar in many ways. The most prominent similarities are making sure that the quality of the services provided to the Passenger are at the highest standard, Procedures and Standards demanded by the Airline Companies, respected and followed.

I have been working in Aviation for 14 years, and counting. I must say though, that the Industry is a challenging one. You learn new things every day. The scope is wide and one can grow, set high goals and succeed.

It is with the same passion and dedication that I have been able to learn and enjoy work as an Operations Agent at RAS Executive

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