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RAS Executive FBO

Romanian Airport Services Executive with their operations at Aurel Vaicu International Airport is named the best FBO in Romania.

We are the first Romanian private company to provide handling services on the Romanian market.

We offer our clients a wide range of high quality operations, passenger, ramp and technical services in 6 Romanian airports.

Ras Executive supports a wide range of activities which include one or more of the following all over our bases:

1. Aviation fuel – Avgas, JetA & JetA1 fuel

We are currently giving 30% discout for fuel stops.

2. Scheduled and non scheduled air carrier services and support services.

At our main office in Aurel Vlaicu, we also provide basic auxiliary services to pilots, flight crew and passengers such as restroom facilities, telecommunication services, weather information and waiting areas. Other than that we also provide ground transportation arrangements.

We also offer ground handling services in all other Romanian airports for our clients.

We deliver high quality services tailor made to our costumers needs.

We are a member and adhere to the principles and standards of the following world-wide associations :





We provide handling for the following aviation segments :

1. Commercial / Scheduled aviation

2. General Aviation

3. Military flights

Please contact us for more information.


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