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See you in Romania at RAS Executive Facilities

Romanian Airport Services RAS has created recently it’s new division under RAS Executive, dealing exclusively with business aviation operators which choose any of the 17 Romanian Airports. RAS Executive is the largest business aviation ground handling provider in Romania with bases ready to offer full quality ground handling services. The first base, now the headquarter, was opened in Bucharest Baneasa Airport in December 1994 by Mr. Dorin Ivascu and became now dedicated to business aviation. RAS Executive opened bases in all Romanian Airports, becoming the main option for general aviation operators.

Listed below are the contact information of our OCC in Romania which coordinates all RAS Executive Romanian bases:

Airport Code Airport Name E-mail Mobile No.

Arad ARW Arad International Airport +40744387732

Bacau BCM Bacau International Airport +40744387732

Baia Mare BAY Tautii Magheraus Airport +40744387732

Bucharest OTP Henri Coanda International +40744387732

Bucharest BBU Aurel Vlaicu International +40744387732

Cluj Napoca CLJ Someseni International Airport +40744387732

Constanta CND Mihail Kogalniceanu International +40744387732

Craiova CRA Craiova Airport +40744387732

Iasi IAS Iasi International Airport +40744387732

Oradea OMR Oradea International Airport +40744387732

Satu Mare SUJ Satu Mare International +40744387732

Sibiu SBZ Sibiu International Airport +40744387732

Suceava SCV Stefan Cel Mare Airport / Salcea Airport +40744387732

Timisoara TSR Traian Vuia International +40744387732

Tirgu Mures TGM Transilvania Targu Mures +40744387732

Tulcea TCE Cataloi Airport +40744387732

Tuzla LRTZ Tuzla Airport +40744387733


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