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Happy Birthday to one of our best team leaders!

At the age of 23, a very enthusiastic young man, soon to become aviation engineer, joined Romanian Airport Services team back in 2008.

Nick studied Aircraft Engineering at University of Polytechnics in Bucharest, Faculty of Airspace Engineering and graduated in 2009.

When he first joined RAS team he started as a check-in agent in Passenger Services Department and soon fell in love with the idea of staying closer to aircrafts and became Turnaround Coordinator.

In 2010 he was appointed De-icing Instructor and responsible for the entire de-icing operation in all our stations and employees training sessions.

In 2013 based on the experience he gained, Nick became Ground OPS & Security Manager, responsible for delivering premium services to our customers in all stations.

We had one curiosity and asked Nick to go over his work history and let us know the most memorable experience he had in this challenging industry.

See his answer below:

”One of the things I will always remember is the BBU experience. In 2008 when I got hired our operation in BBU was expanding rapidly, I can say that it was too fast for the airport structure/capacity. Back then Romanian Airport Services provided services for the two most distant branches in aviation – low cost and VIP flights. No day was like the other so when I started to work on the apron I was fascinated.

As you probably can imagine, I cannot tell you about the most memorable experiences as most of them involved breaking some rules - just to make things work. All I can say is that working in this challenging industry made me how I am today as an individual and all the good experiences but mostly the not so good ones have contributed to my professional growth. More than that, working for Romanian Airport Services was and still is an ongoing chance to learn new things and meet new challenges every day.”

Today it’s his birthday and we wish him all the best!


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