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RAS Executive through Ioana's eyes

When people think of “aviation”, the first thing that comes into their minds is the sky. Flying, as is, has always been fascinating for all humanity.

Even from mythological times, reaching the heights of the clouds has been an untouchable goal for mankind, it was a place for the Gods. Icarus himself was punished for attempting to reach further. Nowadays, flying has become an industry. But none the less, an amazing one.

Romanian Airport Service’s business is in that industry of magic. Flying magic.

Take a step back and imagine that your flight to your next destination is a film production, lets glam it up! You’re getting ready for a private flight. All the arrangements have been made by your personal Pepper Potts. Because now you’re Iron Man. So you hit the airport in a luxurious limousine and have someone pick up your luggage. Your Captain awaits in the lobby with a smile, accompanied by another person in a flashy jacket. That person usually smiles at you, too. No lines, just a security check, a smiling border police officer, a short ride in another luxurious car to the aircraft, and voila! You’re sipping champagne and enjoying your very expensive ride to where you have business to attend to. Did I mention everybody smiles at you? That’s because you’re the nicest person they’ve ever met!

Did you land? Was it fun? Are you ok? Did you get your luggage back intact? You’re welcome. Our job is done.

But wait. Who are we? What was our job, precisely? You only had the cabin crew attending you, right?

Here’s the backstage, Iron Man! Ground Handling is everything you don’t see, don’t know, don’t mind about when you’re flying. But we are the ones that make it all good for you.

From the moment you purchase your ticket, you become our number one priority. Your comfort, your safety, your integrity, your luggage’s integrity. And if you fly like a rock star, even your meal’s integrity. And transport. And logging. Basically, everything you need, might need or not even know you need.

Our feedback is through the roof and our reputation is our card. That’s why we have the vision to innovate, the strength to change for the better, the power to set the safety and quality standards high enough to satisfy us, our collaborators, our clients.

So just lay back, enjoy your flight and prepare for landing. Shortly, RELAX. We handle.

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