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Once something is passion, the motivation is there. Happy birthday Elena Ene!

Elena joined RAS Family in 2008 as a check-in agent. Being motivated by delivering best service for our clients, she continued to pursue her goals to implement all necessary procedures to provide quality service.

We asked Elena about the most challenging experience in RAS during these years and she remembered with lot of joy all successful projects she was involved in as opening RAS Craiova, RAS Sibiu and the most memorable, moving all operations from Baneasa to Otopeni International Airport.

Starting to work in your early 20s, what have you learned from 8 years of RAS work experience?

The most important things i've learned are mastering time management, discipline, the bridge between goals and accomplishments and paying attention to details.

Dear Elena, we all wish you another year full of amazing adventures, clear blue skies, happiness, laughter and joy.

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